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Aggressive Malpractice Defense

When you are accused of malpractice or negligence as a professional, your reputation and your career may be on the line. The assistance of an experienced defense attorney can protect you from devastating personal and professional consequences.

Fain, Major & Brennan, P.C., is a prominent liability defense law firm located in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1976, our attorneys have defended doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants, appraisers, psychologists, teachers, architects, the clergy, insurance agents, real estate professionals, and corporate officers and directors in claims regarding their professional duties.

Our lawyers handle all types of professional liability claims, including:

  • Medical malpractice claims for personal injury or wrongful death
  • Dental malpractice claims
  • Legal malpractice involving failure to advise, missed statute of limitations and misconduct claims
  • Accountant malpractice
  • Claims against architects and engineers for alleged design and construction defects
  • Negligence claims against insurance agents
  • Claims of non-disclosure fraud and other negligence against real estate brokers

Our lawyers recognize the extremely personal and sensitive nature of this type of litigation. As professionals ourselves, we can empathize with our clients on what it means to have one’s professional reputation in jeopardy. We defend our clients’ cases with zeal and aggressiveness as if it were our own reputation on the line. Essentially, it is.

Our lawyers represent professionals before licensing boards, state agencies and in courts throughout Georgia. We also recognize that compromise and settlement is sometimes a viable way to minimize uncertainty and risk, and have extensive experience with various forms of alternative dispute resolution.

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