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Representing Insurance Companies And Self-Insured Businesses

The attorneys of Fain, Major & Brennan, P.C., represent insurance companies, self-insured businesses and professionals throughout Georgia in a broad range of civil litigation, including:

  • Motor vehicle litigation: Our attorneys have years of experience representing insurance companies and self-insured clients in motor vehicle litigation.
  • Trucking litigation: Our lawyers represent trucking companies, along with their insurers, in litigation involving commercial vehicle accidents.
  • Product liability: Product liability cases involve injury caused by a product that is claimed to be defective or dangerous. Our attorneys are experienced in defending these cases.
  • Premises liability: Premises liability cases involve injury caused by property conditions that are claimed to be dangerous or defective. Our lawyers defend property owners and/or their insurance companies.
  • Wrongful death: When a life is lost in a motor vehicle accident or following medical care, the deceased family members may file a lawsuit seeking compensation. Our lawyers defend the parties named in wrongful death litigation.
  • Insurance coverage disputes: Our lawyers defend insurance companies in disputes with insureds, including insurance fraud and bad faith litigation
  • Professional liability: We represent doctors, dentists, engineers, attorneys and other professionals accused of malpractice.

Whether your case requires skillful negotiation or aggressive litigation, our lawyers’ comprehensive services that are focused on achieving your goals. When appropriate, we also provide alternative dispute resolution services that are cost-effective options to resolve complex issues. Our office is located in Atlanta.

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