Atlanta Wrongful Death Claims Defense Lawyers

Serious Matters Require Serious Representation

When a death occurs as the result of alleged negligence, the family members may file a lawsuit seeking compensation. The lawyers at Fain, Major & Brennan, P.C., have defended wrongful death claims for more than three decades. We represent clients and their insurance companies throughout Georgia who are sued for negligence.

Our lawyers handle all types of wrongful death cases, including:

Defenses in wrongful death claims include comparative negligence, lack of causation and statute of limitation laws. Our attorneys use a team approach that involves the use of leading experts and our more than 30 years of investigating and defending wrongful death claims.

Our lawyers make skillful use of alternative dispute resolution techniques, including mediation and arbitration. If a case needs to be tried, our clients know they can depend on our trial experience to protect their interests. Fain, Major & Brennan, P.C., lawyers have served as legal counsel in hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death claims.

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